anjuman institute of information science and management, dharwad

Affiliated to Karnatak University Dharwad & Recognised by Government of Karnataka


Janab. Abdul Qadarkhan I. Pathan

Janab. Late Abdul Qadarkhan IbrahimKhan Pathan is the founder of Anjuman-E-Islam Dharwad. He was renowned advocate of Dharwad. He also served as Magistrate of Shahnoor court. He was elected as an independent candidate to Bombay legislative council for two terms 1920-1925 and 1926-1930. He also served as President of Municipal Corporation of Dharwad. He was responsible for the establishment of Muslim Library and Muslim Boy’s Hostel in the year 1915 at Anjuman-E-Islam Campus.

The people of Dharwad will never forget his valuable services and contribution to the society.

Roll of Honours

# Name President / Administrator Year
1 Janab. Abdul Qadarkhan I. Pathan President 1914-1949
2 Janab. Maqdoom Huseini M. Javali President 1949-1965
3 Janab. Khalandar Sahab M. Dasankop President 1965-1982
4 Janab. Abdul Sattar Soudagar President 1982-1983
5 Janab. Mahboob Sab Ghodesawar Administrator 1983-1985
6 Dr. Abid Hussian Jamadar President 1985-1991
7 Dr. Maqdoom Hussain Yargatti President 1991-1992
8 Janab. Abdul Aziz Dasankop President 1992-1994
9 Dr. Abid Hussian Jamadar President 1994-1997
10 Janab. Iqbal Anjum Javali President 1998-2004
11 Janab. Mohammed Jafar Maniyar President 2005-2008
12 Janab. Karim Baig Administrator 2008-2009
13 Janab. Abdul Aziz Badbade Administrator 2009-2010
14 Janab. Hatelshah Deverhuru Administrator 2010-2011
15 Janab. Mohmmed Esmail M. Tamatgar President 2011-2019
16 Janab. S. Nisar Ahmed Administrator 2019-2020
17 Janab. Zuber Ahmed Administrator 27/07/2020-31/10/2020
17 Janab. Iqbal K. Jamadar President 01/11/2020-16/01/2024
17 Janab. Mohmmad Esmail M. Tamatgar President 17/01/2024-Till date